Every illustrator has a preference for materials and techniques they prefer to employ within their own work.   I straddle analogue and digital, both have their place within my illustrative work.  
When undertaking a commission, flexibility can be important to a client.  You may like certain aspects of a style, material or technique,  but may want to merge it with another style.  
I am experienced working with diverse techniques and styles to meet client briefs.   Get in touch via the contact page to discuss your ideas or requirements.  

I can create your illustrations and artwork using:

Analogue - Pencil, Coloured Pencil,  Watercolour, Acrylic, Gouache, Ink, Fineliner, Collage

Digital - Procreate & PS

Printmaking - Monoprinting, Lino (Colour reduction & B&W)

Painted Illustrations

These illustrations were created using traditional materials, gouache and polychromo coloured pencils on paper.

No lighting, filters or editing have been used in the photography of either illustration.  

Collage Illustrations

These illustrations have been created by the use of traditional collage techniques.  Papers with different colours and textures are made and used.  Recycled paper is used within my collages and artwork that would normally end in the bin is given a new life.  Each element of the illustration has been cut by hand.
No lighting, filters or editing have been used in the image photography.  

Digital Illustrations

A selection of vector based digital illustrations.

Simple shapes and bold, vibrant colours are employed to create a childlike, playful feel to these illustrations.  
Each illustration has a distinctly 'graphic' feel.